Epson 5050ub vs 6050ub: What Are The Main Differences?

Many people purchase a projector as an addition to their home theater system. This device can enhance your entertainment experience.

The 5050ub and 6050ub are the new projector models from Epson with high-quality and modern features. 

Each product has its unique advantages and drawbacks, which are suitable for different purposes and users. 

If you have narrowed your options to these two projectors, this post will show you the differences between Epson 5050ub vs. 6050ub.

Epson 5050ub Overview

The 5050ub is one of the best 4k UHD gaming projectors on the market. It possesses a 3-LCD screen with higher brightness (2600 lumens) and more authentic colors. 

The white paint combined with the high build quality of the case adds up to the modern appearance of this device. The motorized cover on the lens will automatically open and close when you turn on the projector. 

There are multiple LED indicator lights on all angles of the 5050ub. The control and power buttons can be hidden with a small door that makes its design look cleaner. 

Epson 5050ub
Epson 5050ub

The 5050ub projector supports HDMI and a USB connection that supports 4k HDR. The box comes with an additional cable and remote to help you easily install and control this device.

You can adjust the screen frame with the remote by pressing the zoom button. Multiple watching modes such as TV, sport, and application give users more flexibility in the usage process. 

The image quality of this projector can satisfy any user with around 2-4 million pixels on the screen. This feature gives the little details sharpness and a great contrast ratio.

Users will get a smooth and flawless gaming experience with a low input lag on this high-end projector. 

Epson 6050ub Overview

This updated version of the previous model 5050ub is a great addition to your home theater system. It has a classic and modern exterior with the iconic black housing paint color. 

With an impressive 1,2 million: 1 contrast ratio, this device projects great image quality with high accuracy in little details. The box comes with an exclusive panel cover to help you place and move the 6050ub easier. 

Users also get an additional projector bulb with up to 5000 hours of battery life in the economic viewing mode. You no longer have to pay extra money for maintenance and lamp replacement after 4-5 years of usage. 

Epson 6050ub
Epson 6050ub

Epson 6050ub has an adequate lumens rate of 2600 lm, which is sufficient for viewing in the darkness and rooms surrounded by ambient lights. The configuration and components on this version are quite similar to the 5050ub.

The advanced features such as motorized lens shift and button cover are all available on the Epson 6050ub. There are also moveable legs underneath the projector to protect the surface against scratches and vibration. 

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Differences Between Epson 5050ub vs. 6050ub

Here is the detailed comparison of Epson 5050ub vs. 6050ub. Ensure that you don’t miss any information to make the wisest buying decision. 

Side By Side Comparison

FeaturesEpson 5050ubEpson 6050ub
System3LCD, 3-chip3LCD, 3-chip
Brightness2600 lm2600 lm
Viewing Ratio16:9 widescreen16:9 widescreen
Resolution4K (2 x 1980 x 1080)4K (2 x 1980 x 1080)
Highest Resolution4096 x 21604096 x 2160
Dynamic Contrast ratio1,000,000:11,200,000:1
Maximum Bulb lifespan5,000 hours (ECO Mode)5,000 hours (ECO Mode)
Paint ColorWhiteBlack
Color Processing10-bit10-bit
Weight24.7 pounds24.7 pounds

Image Quality

The two projectors give excellent image quality and color accuracy with impressive brightness (2600 lumens). With the adjusted screen frame and viewing angle, you will have a great watching experience with both devices.

The Epson 6050ub has a slightly higher contrast ratio of 1,2 million: 1 compared to 1 million: 1 on the Epson 5050ub. This projector is more suitable for indoor watching in complete darkness with the black housing. 

If you use the projector for many hours a day, the better contrast ratio will make a huge difference.  

Meanwhile, the white paint of the 5050ub can lead to the rainbow effect and affect the graphics quality on the projected screen.


Both devices support HDMI and USB connectors, giving you flexible options in pairing the projector with an additional audio system.


The Epson 3-chip system and 10-bit graphic processor enable the two projectors to play videos in all types of resolution (full HD, UHD, 4K) with virtually no lag or interruptions. 

With less than 30 ms input lag, both devices can give you a great experience when playing games with heavy configurations. The huge amount of pixels helps users play and watch in 4K resolution on large projected screens. 


Installation is where the Epson 6050ub stands out as a better projector. It has adjustable legs underneath the body to help users move the device easier. 

The 6050ub projector has an extra black cover to protect the connecting ports and wires from dust and moisture. It is an exclusive feature that you cannot find on the 5050ub. 

Another great point of the 6050ub is the extra lamp provided in the box. The bulbs will inevitably wear down after 4-5 years, and this accessory can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. 

Pros And Cons Of Epson 6050ub vs. 5050ub

Here are some advantages and setbacks of each projector to help them compare these two devices.

Epson 5050ub


  • Great brightness and image quality
  • Multiple connectors
  • Flexible adjustment
  • Low input lag (great for gaming)
  • High build quality
  • Advanced technology


  • Adequate contrast ratio
  • The image may be distorted

Epson 6050ub


  • Excellent graphics
  • Black housing (suitable for indoor watching)
  • High resolution and contrast ratio
  • Easy installation
  • Support many connections
  • Sharp and accurate colors
  • Have extra projector bulb and cables


  • Expensive
Epson 6050ub
Epson 6050ub

Which Is Better: Epson 5050ub vs. 6050ub?

The Epson 6050ub doesn’t have many significant improvements from the previous version, apart from the higher contrast ratio. You can use the 5050ub and still get the same performance, resolution, and designs. 

However, the fans of the black color who have more comfort when installing the device can opt for the Epson 6050ub. You will get better maintenance and more accessories with an extra one thousand dollars. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information provided in this post can help you select between the Epson 5050ub and 6050ub projector. Both devices have great quality and advanced features. Thank you for reading!

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