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Projector throw is the distance between the projector lens and the projection screen within an extended range. Compared with short-throw projectors, long-throw projectors have better performance and provide you with more quality images. What’s more, it’s also ideal for creating an entertainment space that’s no different from that of a professional cinema.

There are many different brands of throw projectors. You need to consider design, brightness, throw distance, or longevity to make the right decision.

This article will give specific reviews and analyses about the best long throw projectors. Hopefully, you can capture them for your final choice. Besides, detailed instructions will also be in this article. Let’s look forward to it!

In-depth Reviews of The Best Long Throw Projectors

A throw projector can give you a more extended image and is a great choice when the screen is not powered. 

On the other hand, it is also an ideal suggestion for your outdoor travel. This device will give images less distortion than conventional products. Therefore, it helps you to have valuable experiences.

The candidates below are compiled from many sources and from the feedback of customers who have used the product. So, you can rest assured to refer!


BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO

Best for Color

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 3000 lumens
  • Weight: 9.3 pounds

Product highlights

Your eyes will be affected by the inauspicious colors coming from poor-quality projectors. In the long run, it can cause some severe eye conditions. To overcome this situation, I introduce to you the product BenQ TK850. 

This smart projector integrates Cinematic color technology, allowing for vivid and refined color space. The color spectrum projected from the device is not dazzling; it is friendly to your vision and ensures eye health even if you watch for a long time.

It is impossible not to mention the exclusive image quality of the product. The machine has a high brightness of 3000 lumens and a large contrast ratio, helping to bring sharp and transparent frames. 

Besides, the projector’s advanced HDR – Pro optimization also contributes to enhancing the perfection of the resulting image.

Temporarily putting aside the advantages of images, sound will be the next aspect I want to emphasize in this product.

Overcoming the limitation from the previous version, the BenQ TK850 is powerful with a valuable, lively sound system. It works quietly and doesn’t make harsh noises that affect your hearing.

But, for the value, it took me by surprise. Its current budget level is too high and does not match the features it offers.

  • Amazing color experience
  • Quality sound
  • Gentle activity
  • Sharp image
  • Long-lasting
  • Price does not match

Bottom line

I recommend you choose this device because its features are practical to your desire to use. Your eyes can relax and provide maximum protection.


Optoma HD146X High Performance

Best for Contrast Ratio

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 3600 lumens
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds

Product highlights

The contrast ratio is closely related to your projector image quality. Precisely, the higher the contrast, the sharper and more precise the resulting image. 

With this aspect, I recommend the Optoma HD146X product. This bright projector features a large contrast ratio of up to 25,000:1, helping to deliver a prestigious and user-friendly image.

In addition, with the support of 3600 lumens brightness and 1080p native resolution, it plays an essential role in enhancing the visibility of images to the user’s eyes. The device’s proprietary color technology is also considered a solid foundation for vivid image expression.

Modern, dynamic, and smart are what this projector is. It can give you the perfect game experience with a fast response time. It’s fast with ultra-low input lag, so you’ll have peace of mind for powerful versions of your games.

More remarkable, must mention the lamp life of the product. The machine has a lamp life of 15,000 hours, equivalent to about 4 hours of use over 10 years. Thus, helping you to enjoy your desired entertainment moment more fully.

Regarding the product’s price, I am satisfied with its current budget. Compared with the features it possesses, such a cost is suitable and practical for the pocket of many users.

  • High contrast ratio
  • The age of the light
  • Proprietary color technology
  • Perfect image sensor
  • Suitable for gaming
  • Poor delivery service

Bottom line

With Optoma HD146X, all your dreams will be fully realized. Therefore, if you miss it, you will not find a better device than it.


YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth

Best for Overall

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 9500 lumens
  • Weight: 0.18 ounces

Product highlights

If you are looking for an all-around throw projector, then the YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth product will not be missed. Experience the product hands-on, and I appreciate the performance of the device.

It is more valuable than many other high-end models. Design, accompanying features, or longevity is perfect for providing users with the most meaningful entertainment space.

The machine produces a dynamic and elegant operating model in terms of design. The redundant details on the body are all delicately omitted to bring the lightest feeling to the user when moving it. The machine’s control system is flexible and easy to identify so that you can efficiently operate it.

Meanwhile, the new product’s image is the highlight of the platform. The machine has an ample brightness of 9500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 0000: 1, allowing it to create valuable frames with sharp, high realism.

On the other hand, with the help of LCD technology, which contributes to enhanced image quality to protect your eyes from potential negative influences.

More advanced than previous versions, YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth is influential in providing users with a lamp life of 100000 hours. 

With such duration, on average, you can last them for about 10 years with about 2 hours of activity per day.

Not only that, but this smart machine is also capable of supporting keystone correction and impressive zoom. These two features work together to provide the ideal amenities for a fun and valuable experience. In addition, it also enables you to catch up on your favorite TV moments.

  • The most comprehensive overall
  • LCD technology
  • Keystone correction and zoom function
  • Great lamp life
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Control is limited

Bottom line

YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth quality in every way. It deserves the top investment for your request.


Epson EX9230 3-Chip 3LCD

Best for Sound Quality

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 3500 lumens
  • Weight: 8.36 pounds

Product highlights

It’s terrible if you still have to use a projector with poor sound quality every day. It is challenging for you and inadvertently weakens your hearing function. To improve this situation, you need to own a stable and quality sound device.

For the good aspect, I am proud to present to you the Epson EX9230. This projector has a built-in speaker system for an incredible listening experience at a broader scale.

Besides, the machine’s intelligent cooling system works in an advanced way, helping to improve the noise. From there, it enhances the impressive sound quality and makes your entertainment space more valuable.

More specifically, this model must mention the excellent image quality. The machine has a brightness of 3500 lumens combined with 1080p resolution, providing sharp, vivid images in every detail. On the other hand, advanced LCD technology represents 100% of the color signal for every frame.

The machine offers a simple setup for beginners in terms of operating mechanisms. You just need to place them in the desired position and adjust the screen angle. Very quickly, you can create your own ideal entertainment space.

If not able to adjust the image to the desired angle? Don’t worry, because it is with an image deviation sensor right in this machine. That is, it can automatically adjust and edit your images to the best quality and easy-to-observe frames.

  • Incredible sound
  • Quick setup and operation
  • Great brightness
  • Versatile connection
  • Image deviation sensor
  • Heavyweight

Bottom line

There are not any bad points in this device. It is more than perfect and deserves your attention.


Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro

Best for Quality Design

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 500 ANSI lumens
  • Weight: 3.95 pounds

Product highlights

There are many reasons to consider choosing a projector with the perfect design. Typically, it can be an excellent suggestion for you to decorate your living space more attractively. I confidently recommend the Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro product with design advantages. Instead of manufacturing according to the traditional operating model, this device innovates with a more refined, dynamic design.

In addition to the design, the ability to display images of the product is also highly unique. The machine has a brightness of 500 ANSI lumens, and a resolution of 720P Razor-Sharp allows for sharp, clear images.

Meanwhile, the presence of DLP display technology is also an excellent foundation for more bright and user-friendly image quality.

Sound is also a particular aspect that cannot be in this product. It integrates dual 10W audio drivers that work together to deliver dynamic bass to bring your TV experience to life.

This versatile projector is conveniently wireless. The primary power source for the operation of the device is from high-end batteries. 

With each full charge, we can project up to about 3 hours. Meanwhile, it can work up to 30 hours with requests to play music. This feature is ideal for providing you with various engaging family travels.

  • Dynamic design
  • Light and flexible
  • Outstanding sound
  • Easy to operate
  • Reasonable price
  • Poor-remote control

Bottom line

Do not choose Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro, and it is precisely your mistake. In addition to the optimal design, this device also guarantees to bring you vivid images and sound.


TOPTRO X5 5G WiFi Bluetooth

Best for Budget

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 360 ANSI lumens
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds

Product highlights

As a consumer, I have always understood the difficulties you face in finding a projector compatible with your finances. Quality projectors always come with a high cost, it is obvious. 

However, we can still get the best long throw projectors at a realistic and stable price. And TOPTRO X5 is such a device. It has a special price, suitable for the pocket of most users today.

Although the price is low, the features the device brings are precious. 

This projector uses a light source imported from Germany, with a brightness of 360 ANSI lumens allowing it to provide the ability to adjust the image according to the attenuation of the lamp. From there, it helps your pictures become more detailed and bright.

Compared to other brands in the market, TOPTRO X5 is perfect for providing a 30% brighter image. Thereby, it contributes to the excellent visual friendliness of the user.

These best long throw projectors are also with an advanced 5G WiFi chip, which successfully avoids signal interference and provides a stable transmission for complex connected sources.

Compatibility with many devices is also an outstanding aspect that you cannot ignore in this product model. It can easily connect to smart TVs, laptops, or mobile phones. Even it can simply stream for your enjoyment.

  • Impressive budget
  • Optimized for brightness
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Wide color gamut
  • Support streaming
  • Technical error

Bottom line

TOPTRO X5 version was born to meet the usage criteria of most users today. With a stable price and a wide range of innovative features, it ensures you have a perfect experience.

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BenQ GV30 Portable Smart Projector

Best for Versatility

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 300 ANSI lumens
  • Weight: 3.52 pounds

Product highlights

What if you often have to move the best long throw projectors between different floors? Its weight and size can make you tired or affect the musculoskeletal system. 

Most of all, you need a compact, versatile device. Prominent for this category, it is impossible not to mention the BenQ GV30 product. 

This model has a compact design, with a weight of only about 3.5 pounds, allowing you to take it with you anywhere, anytime.

So is it stable for your travels? It is beautiful to bring you many interesting and exciting experiences.

Going deeper into the action, I admire the performance of this projector. 

The image it provides is sharper and more detailed than many mini products I have seen. The frames shown from this model have bright colors, up to 99% standard. Therefore, you can enjoy it with complete peace of mind without worrying about affecting your vision.

The new sound is a great highlight of this machine. The device has high-quality speakers, which enhance the attractiveness of your entertainment space.

But, it is not stable for you to play games. The device will lag if you try it with powerful versions of games.

  • Flexibility
  • Detailed pictures
  • m lively sound
  • Impressive design
  • Good value for money
  • Not suitable for gaming

Bottom line

BenQ GV30 is perfect to be able to supply all your usage needs. I’m unfortunate if you pass up such a valuable product.

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BenQ HT2050A 1080P

Best for DLP Technology

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 220 lumens
  • Weight: 8 pounds

Product highlights

Compared with LCD technology, DLP is more advanced and allows for sharper images. With DLP-integrated devices, the colors obtained have an accuracy of up to 99%, helping to minimize adverse effects on the viewer’s vision. 

BenQ HT2050A 1080P is the perfect proposal for this feature that I would recommend. With next-generation DLP technology, it’s guaranteed to deliver a wide range of immersive and immersive visual experiences with most of your favorite shows.

By using 2200 lumens of brightness and 1080p native resolution, this projector also contributes to the clarity and softness of its frames. Thereby, it can help users to freely choose and watch their favorite programs.

More impressive in this device must be its ability to support prestigious input. Unlike traditional products, BenQ HT2050A is powerful with low input lag to maximize loading speed for your favorite versions of games.

However, its sound is horrible. Practical experience, I am disappointed in its audio performance. Too much noise makes my ears uncomfortable.

  • Advanced DLP Technology
  • Ideal brightness
  • Low latency
  • Easy to install
  • To play games
  • Poor sound quality

Bottom line

This device is worthwhile for your usage requirements. There isn’t any reason why you should refuse it.

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Epson VS260 3-Chip 3LCD XGA

Best for Easy Setup

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 3300 lumens
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds

Product highlights

Up to 80% of customers feel not confident about their projector installation and operation. They thought it was too difficult to understand and do the building quickly. However, with Epson VS260, things will be completely different. 

This device is designed with a simple operating model, allowing users to install it within minutes easily.

All we need to do is start it up, and put it in the desired position. Very quickly, we were able to create our own professional entertainment space.

And yet, the Epson VS260 is a great innovation for valuable image quality. With a high brightness of 3300 lumens and a dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1, the device delivers the sharpest, most realistic frames. LCD technology is the crucial hinge for vivid color representation.

 The sound of this projector is also quite impressive. It integrates high-quality, efficient speakers for superior audio transmission. From there, it helps to increase the value of your experience.

The epitome of remote control functionality, the Epson VS260 is ideal than any other in the collection. I want to emphasize that you follow and refer to the information quickly.

  • Easy installation
  • Sharp image
  • Realistic LCD technology
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Stable price
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Bottom line

I admire the performance of the Epson VS260, and I wish you could opt for it. With this product, your experience will undoubtedly be more comprehensive.


PowerLite E20 Projector

Best for Resolution

Important Specifications

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 3400 lumens
  • Weight: 5.94 pounds

Product highlights

Your search for a throw projector with excellent resolution will be fully satisfied by the PowerLite E20. This device is with exclusive XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, perfect for text-rich presentations with greater detail.

Combined with that resolution, it is impossible not to mention the brightness of 3400 lumens, contributing to enhanced image quality to the user’s eyes. At the same time, it also helps minimize the negative impact on your vision.

This projector possesses a much more robust operating model than traditional products in design. The machine’s structure is sturdy and flexible, with the control keys arranged in an easily identifiable position for easy installation.

Meanwhile, the sound quality of the new product is quality. The machine comes with a built-in speaker system to provide you with a lively entertainment space.

Machine designed for long-term use for your experience. Specifically, the device can provide an extended lamp life of up to 12,000 hours, allowing you to entertain up to about 2 hours a day for more than 10 years.

  • Great resolution
  • Lightly
  • Neat design
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Stabilizer sound
  • High price

Bottom line

PowerLite E20 is an excellent suggestion that you should pay attention to. In addition to its impressive resolution, it can also provide you with more advanced features than you asked for.

Buying Guides

Before making the final selection decision, you should consider some of the factors below. Specifically:

Display technology

Display technology is a specific aspect of a throw projector selection. Currently, there are two prominent display technologies on the market: LCD and DLP. Its characteristic details:

  • LCD technology: This technology allows delivering sharp, vivid image quality with true-to-life colors. Products equipped with this technology are often cheaper than other products. Recommended for this feature, you can refer to PowerLite E20 or Epson VS260 3-Chip 3LCD XGA.
  • DLP display technology: DLP has a superior ability to represent colors compared to LCD. This technology shows detail and clarity, whether it’s complex color gamuts mixed with various color formulas. You can follow the BenQ HT2050A to know more about the features of this technology.


Brightness has a lot to do with your usage requirements. If you want to project outdoors or use it in bright conditions, a projector with high brightness is the ideal proposal.

On the contrary, for lighting requirements in dark or indoor environments, a projector with a lower brightness is said to be the perfect one for you. 

However, you can also use a projector with excellent brightness for your family’s living space if you can afford it. And you can refer to the YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth for your usage requirements.

Contrast ratio

There are many reasons you should consider choosing a projector with a prominent contrast ratio. It can make your images sharper and more detailed. If you stubbornly select a projector with low contrast, your eyes will be seriously affected. Specifically, your vision function will be markedly reduced.


It will be ideal for your experience when deciding on a projector with a long lifespan. They will help you have many quality frames and, at the same time, save maximum related costs for new product replacement.


How far can a long throw projector work?

It is ideal for distances of six feet or more. If you place the projector less than six feet away, you will get a smaller image, which is certainly not helpful if you are projecting in a large room.

Which is better: a short-throw projector or a long throw?

If you want a theater that has limited accommodations, a short walk will be the best option. If you give a modern living space, a lengthy presentation is better. Long-throw versions are cheaper models to choose from.

Are 6000 lumens good for a projector?

The ideal lumen range for multipurpose spaces is 2000 to 4000 lumens. Moving on to the topic of screen size, the larger you expect, the higher brightness recommended for the projector to deliver a quality image.

How many lumens do you need to project in daylight?

You need a projector lamp brightness of at least 2,500 lumens or lux to make your projector image successfully display in daylight, which is the most vital type of ambient light you’ll ever encounter.


With the information about the best long throw projectors above, hopefully, it will help you better understand the product features and make an appropriate choice for your usage requirements soon.

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