Epson 3200 vs 3800: Can You Tell The Differences?

3200 vs 3800

Adding a high-quality projector to your home theater system can bring your entertainment experience to a higher level. 

Epson projectors stand out as the best choice for high-end 4K devices among thousands of products on the market. 

These products come with different designs and features. It is understandable if you struggle to choose between Epson 3200 vs. 3800.

This post will show you their differences and help you select the most optimal projector for your home theater system. 

An Overview Of Epson 3200

This model from Epson is famous for its excellent image quality with a UHD 4K resolution. This is a suitable product for users who want the biggest projected screen available in the highest resolutions. 

With a 3-chip processor, the 3200 projector gives you the most accurate and authentic image quality. This device is suitable for spacious rooms with around 14 pounds and 60 inches wide with huge frame weights. 

There are two buttons on the top of the device that help you control and adjust the image quality. The 3200 supports HDMI connectors and USBA power cables to pair with the other additional audio devices.

Epson 3200

The big lens on the front side can generate up to 2900 lumens in 4K resolution. This amazing brightness makes the projected images fully visible in any conditions, whether your room is dark or surrounded by ambient light. 

The advertised lifespan is approximately 5000 hours. Even if you are a hard-core user who watches films for many hours a day, this device lasts up to 3-4 years. 

However, the biggest advantage of this device lies in its easy installation. To get a fit projected screen on the wall on regular projectors, you have to move the device back and forth or adjust the angle.

With a 3200 projector, all you have to do is adjust the two buttons on the top to zoom in or out of the screen. It takes less than one minute to achieve the best frame you prefer. 

The image quality will amaze any user, making you feel like staying in a real movie cinema. The film’s footage is smooth and visible in the little details, even when standing next to the projected display. 

The accurate colors combined with high brightness make the graphics even better when you turn off the light and watch movies in complete darkness. 

An Overview Of Epson 3800

The 3800 device is an update of the previous version 3200, so these two devices have many things in common. It is a 4K projector with 210 Watt power that generates loud audio and is applicable for outdoor and indoor settings. 

With the same 2900 lumens, the 3800 model gives fantastic graphics quality in daylight with surrounding ambient light. This device has an amazing contrast ratio of 100000:1.

For the lifespan, the 3800 model can last approximately 3500 hours on regular mode before the battery wears down. However, the cost of bulb replacement is less than 100$, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. 

Epson 3800

The throw distance is pretty far with an adjustable projected display frame by modifying the two buttons on the top of the device.

This feature cannot be found on cheaper projectors that give you more flexibility when setting up the projected screens outdoors. 

Epson 3800 features up to four color modes (Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Natural, and Cinema) which you can switch under different conditions. Similar to the 3200, this device supports HDMI cables, USB-A, and even Bluetooth. 

Its performance is similar to the previous 3200 model, with smooth videos and virtually no lags or interruptions. However, the audio can get distorted when playing high-pitched sounds. 

The great advantage of this projector is its versatility. You can take it to school, work, or camping grounds to enjoy your favorite content with friends and coworkers. 

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Epson 3200 vs. 3800 Side By Side Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison of the Epson 3200 and 3800 projectors. You should consider each option carefully to make the wisest purchase decision. 


FeaturesEpson 3200Epson 3800
Resolution4K Pro UHD (1920×1080)4K Pro UHD (1920×1080)
Lumens Rate2900 lm3000 lm
Contrast Ratio40,000 : 1100,000 : 1
Display Size40 inches – 300 inches40 inches – 300 inches
AudioUnavailableBuilt-in stereo speakers
Control MethodRemote/manualRemote/manual
Minimum Throw Distance2,15 meters2,15 meters

Image Quality

Equipped with a 3-chip projector design, the 3200 and 3800 models produce the same image quality in 4K UHD resolution. Both devices feature the 3LCD technology that gives out 100% accurate colors without any distortion. 

The only difference in graphics is the 100,000: 1 contrast ratio in the 3800 model, which helps increase the sharpness of small picture details when watching at close distances. 

With a 100-lumen increase, the 3800 projector is more suitable for outdoor watchings under sunny weather. However, this number is insignificant, and Epson 3200 is also applicable for rooms with a lot of ambient light. 


Both projectors have a 12-bit analog video processor that brings an adequate gaming experience. With virtually no lags or interruptions, this processor enhances the smooth transitions and gives an amazing visual performance. 

The responsiveness on the Epson 3200 is better than the 3800 (16.7 ms to 23-29ms input lag). So, the Epson 3200 is more suitable for online gamers. 


Having no built-in stereo speaker is a huge deficit for the 3200 model. Audio is where the 3800 stands out as the better device. 

In order to enjoy movies or games with the Epson 3200, you need to pair it with an extra speaker or audio system. This drawback makes the 3200 more uncomfortable to carry around or use outdoors.

Meanwhile, the 3800 supports audio with high-quality speakers that produce loud sounds. However, there may be interruptions or distortions when playing high-frequency sounds. 


The 3200 model is sold at $1499, while the figure for the 3800 is $1699 with a $200 increase in price. 

Pros And Cons Of Epson 3200 vs. 3800

Here are the pros and cons of the two devices to help you compare them easier

Epson 3200


  • Great graphics
  • Easy and flexible control
  • Support multiple connectors and Bluetooth
  • Vibrant and authentic colors
  • High brightness


  • Adequate contrast ratio
  • Doesn’t support audio
Epson 3200

Epson 3800


  • Amazing image quality
  • High resolution
  • Versatility
  • Suitable for outdoor watching
  • Great performance
  • Has built-in stereo speakers


  • Expensive
  • Higher Lag input

Which Is Better? Epson 3200 vs. 3800?

In general, both projectors have almost similar designs and graphics with advanced features and controls. If you have a stereo system in your home, just go for the Epson 3200 at a more affordable price. 

If you are an ardent movie lover but don’t have an extra speaker at home, you should pay an extra $200 to get the 3800 model. It is easier to bring to work and travel. 

Final Thoughts

Each projector model has its unique pros and cons. I hope that the information provided in this post can help you select the most suitable device for your needs and affordability. Thank you for reading!

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