Epson 3800 Vs. 4010: How Many Differences Can You Spot?

Epson 3800 vs 4010

Epson projectors deliver excellent image quality at a reasonable price. When comparing the Epson 3800 vs. 4010, you’ll notice that they both offer some amazing features.

The main difference between them is that while 3800 focuses on brightness, the 4010 highlights its contrast ratio.

Since their image quality is not the same, they serve different purposes. To figure out what they best work for, let’s follow our post! 

What Is Epson 3800? 

This projector is flexible since you can use it for gaming as well as home entertainment.

The device employs real-time 12-bit picture processing and has a minimal input latency and quick frame processing to offer you nearly immediate on-screen feedback to your input. 

Epson 3800 projector
Epson 3800

The unit also decreases blurriness between pictures when watching action movies or sports, keeping the display smooth.

This model’s 3,000 lumens of brightness are ideal for individuals who do not have a professional home theater. Even if the room has a lot of windows, you won’t notice any washout. 

The projected colors are brilliant and realistic, and the 3LCD hardware eliminates flaws like the rainbow effect.

What Is Epson 4010? 

This model has many of the same advantages as the 3800. It employs 12-bit real-time encoding for frame transitions and has similar color filtering and resolution.

The product’s key benefit in image quality is its better contrast ratio. The picture’s dark sections are considerably sharper and have more depth.

Epson 4010
Epson 4010

It’s very simple to set up this equipment. You can also quickly save the settings once you’ve got the lens wherever you want it.

You may preserve a range of settings for different situations with the ten user-programmable defaults. This feature is quite useful in a wide range of applications and screen sizes.

Differences Between Epson 3800 Vs. 4010 

The two models share many things in common when it comes to price and specifications. Here are some features to set them apart from each other. 

Ease of setup

Epson 4010, which is more versatile than its competitor, is a good choice if you prefer simplicity and compatibility. 

This model includes ten storage slots for convenient usage, eliminating the need to refocus during transmissions.

If you’re working on an outside project and need to bring the device around all day, the 3800 is a better option because it’s lightweight.


To project a decent quality image, a 2,400-lumen brightness is normally necessary. The 4010 satisfies that standard completely in this scenario.

When compared to its competitor, it needs improvement. This model is less strong in lumens, but it makes up for it with its other advantages and functions.

If you have a higher requirement for lumens, the 3800 will provide you with the best because its lumen value is up to 3,000 lumens.


The 3800 projectors with 3LCD chips are the greatest for color accuracy, allowing you to watch your content in realistic, true colors. 

The 3LCD technology displays 100 percent RGB color data in each pixel without causing a brightness issue. 

However, considering the contrast ratio, the 4010 will come with more benefits. The ratio of 200,000:1 makes the picture you picked farther.

The model reaches its full potential by accurately detecting colors and delivering the color range. It also flawlessly matches the DCI-P3 color space, giving incredible results for the price.

You can learn more about 3LCD technology right here:

Motion performance

The ability of a projector to shift between pictures is one of its most crucial features. Fortunately, both Epson models have extremely smooth motion capabilities.

Frame interpolation is possible on the 3800. However, there are certain restrictions. 

The 4010 has a superb score in performance thanks to a CFI (Creative Frame Interpolation) interpolation technology that smooths down the pace.


The 3800 has all of its ports in a tiny cutout on the rear of the machine. You’ll note that it features many HDMI inputs from left to right. 

You can connect wireless gadgets using USB Type-A. A 3.5mm audio output connection with a remote transmitter is available at the bottom of the device. 

On the other hand, the 4010 has all its ports behind it. The model also provides good connectivity with HDMI ports, RJ-45 ports, and USB Type-A ports. 

Comparison table 

We have compared the two models in different terms. You may notice some similarities and differences between them. Now, let’s sum up! 

CriteriaEpson 3800Epson 4010
Ease of setupLighter to move aroundEasier to set up
Brightness3,000 lumens2,400 lumens
Color accuracyExcellentGood
Contrast ratio100,000:1200,000:1
Motion PerformanceGoodExcellent

Pros And Cons Of Epson 3800 And 4010 

Each product comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Before making your purchase, remember to check both sides of your chosen item. 

Epson 3800


  • The low input latency combined with a high frame rate is ideal for gaming. 
  • Color fidelity is excellent, with no blocking and rainbow effect. 
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to move around. 
  • The images are bright. 
  • 3LCD processing technology offers high color accuracy. 
  • Dual USB and HDMI ports are available. 


  • It might not be easy to use zoom to center a lens.

Epson 4010


  • Three-axis lenses work for both vertical and horizontal lens shifts. 
  • 12-bit processing eliminates blocking and banding. 
  • Ten user-programmable memory settings make it considerably convenient. 
  • The contrast ratio is high. 
  • The motion transition is smoother. 
  • You can set up the system with ease. 


  • The projected pictures are less bright. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you can’t make up your mind, the following questions and answers can help. Let’s check to learn more about these products. 

1. Which is better for color accuracy?

Both of the models can work well in this term, but the 3800 is slightly better

2. How good is the Epson 4010’s pixel-shifting technology?

Pixel-shifting technology in this product combines a 1920 x 1080 pixel chip with a 4K image processor, making it a hit with home theater enthusiasts. 

3. Which is the best projector for light output?

The 3800 is prominent for its light output, allowing you to view pictures while readily providing the appropriate brightness.

4. Which projector is better for gaming? 

The essential characteristic for gamers is input latency. For gaming enthusiasts, both projectors work excellently. The 3800, on the other hand, is superior.

The time of 16.7 milliseconds makes this model outstanding. Even hardcore gamers will find it powerful enough, with no lag in multiplayer games or high-speed FPS and sports games.

The device also provides 60 frames per second, as well as 18 Gbps using HDMI. Essentially, you can play games in any format without suffering latency.

Final Verdict

Apart from contrast ratio and lumens, both projectors with many similar features are close to meeting the requirements.

If you’re searching for a gaming projector, the 3800 is a great choice because it’s great for multi-room and outdoor use.

The 4010, on the other hand, is the way to go if you want a superb picture and amazing performance.

Hopefully, you can choose the most suitable option for your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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